NFVbench is a python application that is designed to run in a compact and portable format inside a container and on production pods. As such it only uses open sourec software with minimal hardware requirements (just a NIC card that is DPDK compatible). Traffic generation is handled by TRex on 2 physical ports (2x10G or higher) forming traffic loops up to VNF level and following a path that is common to all NFV applications: external source to top of rack switch(es) to compute node(s) to vswitch (if applicable) to VNF(s) and back.

Configuration of benchmarks is through a yaml configuraton file and command line arguments.

Results are available in different formats: - text output with tabular results - json result in file or in REST reply (most detailed)

Logging is available in a log file.

Benchmark results and logs can be optionally sent to one or more remote fluentd aggeregators using json format.